Showcase your brand sustainably

Sign & Display Compilation

Our Sign & Display Compilation includes a diverse range of paperboards to attract and inform your target audience. Choose colours and textures that best reflect your brand, from Kraft brown or jet black to snow white, boutique silver, grass speckled or silky white. In addition, the compilation includes moisture repellent paperboards for moisture resistant signage or short-term outdoor use. The carefully selected raw materials are sourced from responsibly managed forests or contain recycled fibres or sun-dried grass from fallow land. As such, they are a perfect alternative to composite panels made from plastics or other non-renewable materials.


Algro™ Duo

Algro™ Duo is the whitest solid bleached board available on the market and its impeccable conversion properties are truly impressive. The silky, double-coated surfaces of this premium cartonboard conveys a sense of pure elegance.

EcoLine Grass Duo

This display board with a cream core offers a natural, highly tactile surface speckled with grass fibres. The unpolished surface, which resonates with organic or natural cosmetics brands, contains a high percentage of sundried grass from fallow land or areas put aside for ecological compensation.

EcoChromo GD2 Duo

EcoChromo GD2 Duo is one of the most beautiful white lined chipboards on the market. With a double coating on both sides, it enables good image reproduction. Retailers appreciate its performance as well as environmental benefits (recycled fibres).


Black is beautiful, particularly if you contrast it with white. This display board has a jet-black front and a snow-white reverse. If you make use of our Création service that helps you design new display boards, you can choose from many possible colour combinations.

EcoBoard White 1S Silver Linen

This silver option, which contains 50% recycled fibres, is plastic free and can therefore be disposed of with standard paper waste products. The silver finish is available in gloss or – for a special boutique character – in embossed linen.

Oppboga Excellent™

For half a century, Oppboga Excellent™ has been the most trusted brand in the sign and display market. The product is lighter than most other boards, stays perfectly flat, and its smooth, pure surface makes for superb printability.

Oppboga Excellent™ High White

This display board is exceptionally white, which is ideal for brands that demand a bright surface on which to reproduce  the highest quality images, for example, for cosmetic or health care goods.

Oppboga Excellent™ Kraft

The natural appearance of Oppboga Excellent™ Kraft resonates with brand owners and consumers alike. The display board has an uncoated brown surface and a clean, pure centre, ideal for brands aimed at health-conscious or environmentally minded consumers.

Oppboga Resilient™

Oppboga Resilient™ repels moisture and can therefore be used in more challenging environments, such as for signs on chill compartments or as mopping trays for displays, as well as for short-term use in the outdoors.

Oppboga Resilient™ Kraft

The Kraft brown version shows the same resilience to moisture as its white counterpart Oppboga Resilient™ but appeals to those brands that wish to convey a more natural image, such as health foods or vegan cosmetics.

FibreForm® White Brown

FibreForm® White Brown has a white front and brown reverse and is the queen of embossing papers among its fellow paperboards. Thanks to its tearing resistance and high tensile stretch, this cartonboard lends itself to the extremely deep embossing that is so attractive to consumers.