It's time for your spirit to find its perfect match

Spirit Compilation

We invite your premium liquor brand to pair with one of seven luxurious paperboards contained in our Spirit Compilation to attract at the point of sale, either through high touch, silver shine, perpetual whiteness or impressive 3D embossing. The carefully chosen raw materials are sourced from responsilbly managed forests or contain up to 50% recycled fibres. The collection also includes a plastic-free silver paperboard.


FibreForm® Silk Plus Duo

FibreForm® Silk Plus Duo is made from 100% pure cellulose fibres and stands out among paperboards for its superior embossing qualities. Thanks to its tearing resistance and high tensile stretch, this cartonboard lends itself to the extremely deep embossing that is so attractive to consumers.

EcoBoard White Coated Duo

EcoBoard White Coated Duo is an ultra-white, double-coated cartonboard perfectly suited for demanding print jobs. To support brand owners in their efforts to meet environmental targets, this paperboard contains a minimum of 50% recycled fibres.

EcoBoard White 1S Satin

EcoBoard White 1S Satin is made from a minimum of 50% recycled fibres and has an intentional two-sideness, which gives you – depending on the desired effect – the choice of striking printability or true tactility.

EcoBoard White 1S Silber

This paperboard has a one-sided silver sheen to it that adds a touch of luxury to your packaging, without the use of finishing processes such as foil embossing. EcoBoard White 1S Silver is made from a minimum of 50% recycled fibres.

EcoBoard White 1S Silver Linen

This silver option, which also contains 50% recycled fibres, is plastic free and can therefore be disposed of with standard paper waste products. The silver finish is available in gloss or – for a special boutique character – in embossed linen.

Algro Duo

Algro Duo is the whitest solid bleached board available on the market and its impeccable conversion properties are truly impressive. The silky, double-coated surfaces of this premium cartonboard convey a sense of pure elegance.