Social responsibility

We endorse diversity at the workplace, as it is clearly beneficial not only to our employees but also to KAPAG as a business and to its customers. Our staff is made up of people of many different nationalities representing a diverse range of cultural and religious backgrounds.

Diversity at the workplace not only enriches our lives but also fosters flexibility, creativity and the generation of new ideas, all of which are important assets in the support of our customers, especially when accompanying new projects.

A particular concern of ours is the integration of older employees into the workforce. Our managing owner is a member of a Swiss task force comprising experts from universities, companies and government institutions.

In the current context of demographic change and the resulting shortage of skilled professionals, the task force discusses topics such as flexible retirement ages and working hours, the promotion of good health and further training. In this way we aim to create fair employment opportunities for older workers whose long-standing experience we value and want to make use of.