For a cleaner environment and better society


The world community is facing huge social, economic and environmental challenges. Here at KAPAG we take corporate responsibility very seriously, and through our actions we continually endeavour to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Renewable resources

The principal raw material we use is paperboard sourced from sustainably managed forests. This renewable resource is an important facet of the EU’s bioeconomy strategy which aims to replace the use of fossil carbon with bio-based carbon to achieve a circular and low-carbon economy.

Purchasing philosophy

KAPAG is FSC certified and sources its paperboard from sustainably managed forests. In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we do our best to purchase everything required for the smooth operation of our business from local and regional suppliers.

Climate protection

For years our managing owner has been advocating for the reduction of C02 emissions. Today, we source ≥ 95% of our energy needs from wind, water and biomass, thus saving 400,000 litres of oil.


KAPAG has allocated 2,500 m2 of land for the protection of native plants and insects. The wildflower meadow on its premises is home to insects whose survival depends on a single plant species.

Social responsibility

KAPAG believes in the importance of a discrimination-free workplace. We also know that a healthy mix of cultures and ages among our workforce brings great enrichment to all KAPAG employees and that our customers profit from this diversity as well.


At KAPAG we put great emphasis on constantly improving quality and productivity to provide you with flawless goods. Our quality management system defines each process, specifies the tasks of each individual employee and guarantees traceability of your products. At the same time we value a clean and tidy working environment.