Renewable resources

At KAPAG we are passionate about paperboard. This raw material has a wonderful look and feel and is not only highly versatile (for graphic, packaging or industrial uses) but also renewable and easy to recycle.

The various types of paperboard we purchase are sourced from responsibly managed forests. This means that they are not solely intended for the supply of wood but are managed in such a way that allows for growth and expansion which in turn fosters biodiversity and helps mitigate carbon emissions.

The trees in our forests help us combat climate change. They absorb C02 from the atmosphere and store it in their wood fibres where it remains even once transformed into other products or during paper recycling. Only when a wood-containing product is combusted for energy generation does the C02 get released back into the atmosphere, where forests can take it up again as they grow.

This circular bioeconomy is only possible when renewable resources such as paperboard are used. It does not function when fossil-based raw materials are employed.