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KAPAG takes on sales of Schoellershammer RC papers

MUHEN, 18.02.2016 – on 1 February 2016 KAPAG Karton + Papier AG (KAPAG) assumed responsibility for the sales and distribution of RC Papers from Papierfabrik Schoellershammer, for their graphical recycling papers (ranging from 90gsm to 440gsm).

Previously KAPAG had laminated RC papers of higher weights but since February the Swiss firm has also been finishing non-laminated qualities in the lower weights and selling the complete RC paper range under the brand name of EcoLiner worldwide. The exception is the Benelux countries, where the established company IPP, International Paper & Plastics, located in Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands, will market the products.

“We are happy that our longstanding partner KAPAG has taken on the sales and distribution of our graphical recycling papers”, says Mr. Bernd Scholbrock of Schoellershammer, MD Sales and Materials Management. “In KAPAG our customers find a service provider who knows this business and their needs very well.” The handover will allow Papierfabrik Schoellershammer to focus on the sale of its corrugated raw paper following a substantial investment in production capacity.

“We appreciate the confidence that Papierfabrik Schoellershammer has shown us”, says Alexander Meyer, Managing Owner of KAPAG. „Schoellershammer RC-Papers are already an inherent part of the product range of many paper merchants in Europe and North America. This reflects the trend for sustainable products, which are also now used increasingly in premium packaging for luxury products.”

EcoLine und its laminated version, EcoLine Duo, are used in graphical and packaging applications. The papers are available in brown or grey. Many orders can be executed from KAPAG’s reel stock to satisfy customers’ requests for short lead times.