Solid as a rock

Product options


Laminated wood pulp board with yellowish front and back side


Laminated wood pulp board with white or coloured front side

Colour Duo

Laminated wood pulp board with coloured paper on both sides


Laminated wood pulp board with self-adhesive front side; coated folding box board on back side

EcoWoodBoard is extremely bulky and stiff. Therefore, our customers like to employ it for displays, note pad or calendar backing. The quality is also used for framing (backing, passe-partout).

EcoWoodBoard can also be produced with a coloured or white front and/or reverse side. Our customers particularly appreciate the unusual combination of EcoWoodBoard and self-adhesive film that is employed when mounting pictures and photos. 

Possible Applications

  • Books
  • Stationery & filing
  • Framing
  • Photos
  • POS & Display

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