Robustness comes in natural brown, white or coloured

Karton EcoKraft

Product options


Kraft liner with brown front and back layer

GC - upon request

Coated folding box board with yellowish/chemi-thermomechanical (CTMP) middle layer and brown Kraft back layer

GC Duo - upon request

Laminated folding box board coated on both sides with yellowish/chemi-thermomechanical (CTMP)/Kraft middle layer

Colour Duo

Laminated, coloured on both sides; Kraft middle layer

The long fibres used in the production of this brown Kraft board equip it with a high tearing resistance.

To ensure good printability and visual appearance, we also offer the EcoKraft product range with a white front and/or reverse side (EcoKraft GC and GC Duo) or, alternatively, coloured on both sides (EcoKraft Colour Duo).

Possible Applications

  • Stationery & filing
  • POS & Display
  • Cases
  • Packaging

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