EcoBoard GK

The chipboard smorgasboard

Product options

GK1 machine finished

Machine-finished chipboard with light grey front and back; can be die-cut and grooved


Chipboard with grey-brown front and back; suited to a certain degree for die-cutting and grooving


Lower-grade chipboard for interlayers

GKZ in cuts

Chipboard in cuts from guillotine cutter

GKZ square trim

Chipboard with four-sided square trim from guillotine cutter

GKN light brown

Kraft chipboard; light brown front and back layer

GKWS glazed

Machine-finished millboard; glazed

GKWU unglazed

Machine-finished millboard, unglazed

The appeal of our EcoBoard GK product range lies in its variety of choice: from a high-quality light grey GK1 and a brown-grey GK2 through to a lower grade GK3. We also offer guillotine-cut or four-sided square trimmed GKZ, a sulphite GKN as well as both glazed and unglazed millboard.

This wide array of chipboard available in a range of grammages allows for countless applications such as cases, calendar backing, cutting pads, interlayers, cuts and displays.

Possible Applications

  • Stationery & filing
  • POS & Display
  • Cases
  • Technical & logistics
  • Packaging

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