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Oppboga Bruk AB offers sustainable alternative to single-use plastics

FELLINGSBRO, 15.06.2021 – Oppboga Bruk, a leading supplier of multiply paperboard for signs and displays, announced today that they have launched an enhanced product for temporary outdoor use: Oppboga Resilient™ Plus that, as its name suggests, defies moist and wet environments.

Oppboga Resilient™ Plus is made from natural and renewable resources and contains up to 70% post- consumer recycled fibres. “We are delighted that we can offer a sustainable yet viable alternative to single-use plastics in the outdoor arena”, says Andrew Robinson, Managing Director of Oppboga Bruk. “The product is recyclable as well as compostable and biodegradable over time.”

Oppboga Resilient™ Plus can be employed for applications such as election campaign signage, event waste bins, bollard covers, A-frames, hoarding signs or public transport advertisement. This new paperboard is an enhanced version of Oppboga Resilient™ used for less stringent demands in indoor environments where moisture can be an issue.

A recent example for the use of Oppboga Resilient™ was the introduction of display stand mop trays at a major retailer in the UK. These trays are usually always made from plastic and sit at the bottom of floor standing displays in supermarkets and are designed to protect the display units from any water damage when the floor is cleaned. “Oppboga Resilient™ presented a sustainable alternative, much to the delight of the UK retailer who is committed to eliminating unnecessary plastics”, says Mr. Robinson.

Other applications for Oppboga Resilient™ are indoor signs near to the supermarket’s refrigerated units. The paperboard’s thinner version can also be used for beer packs, ice buckets or horticultural products.

Both Oppboga Resilient™ and its enhanced extension Oppboga Resilient™ Plus come in a kraft version. Oppboga Resilient™ Plus will be available from August.