Media students complete a week-long company workshop at KAPAG

Students from the Stuttgart Media University (HdM) in Germany and the Yverdon university of applied sciences (Haute École d’Ingénierie et de Gestion or HEIG-VD) in France spent five working days at the premises of KAPAG Karton + Papier AG, where they participated in a practical seminar, with the aim being to gain an insight into the world of industry. 

The workshop was organised and led by Mr. Ruedi Lisibach, managing owner of Letsgo GmbH, a consulting firm that supports projects and mentors individuals in the media and printing industries. Guests who participated during the course of the seminar included Professors Detlef Hartmann, Helmut Wittenzellner und Andreas Sidler. 

“The company seminar provided by HdM and HEIG-VD has a thirty-year tradition and is unique in its approach”, points out Professor Sidler. The aim is to render the world of industry more tangible to prospective media engineers. “In particular, the students learn how to confront the unknown.” 

Without doubt, there were a number of unique factors to consider  when delving into the niche market in which KAPAG operates, not least because KAPAG is neither a paper mill nor a convertor of packaging but instead source a plethora of base papers from throughout Europe which they then laminate or coat to produce bespoke products.

The fact that there was very little publicly available information about this particular market meant it was important for the students to visit the production premises and see for themselves how the business operates as well as allowing them the opportunity to interview senior management on their journey of discovery.

At the end of the seminar, the media students presented their analysis & recommendations by way of a presentation to the company management. The students were excellent listeners and combined with their market research skills they accomplished a very good company analysis. “We will certainly consider several of the recommendations made”, acknowledged Alexander Meyer, the managing owner of KAPAG.


Image source: HdM Stuttgart