KAPAG delivers material for Art Basel showpiece

For the sixth consecutive year KAPAG Karton + Papier AG (KAPAG) produced the 2 mm thick coloured material used to create the cover for Art Basel’s annual publication. Art Basel | Year 49 will be released in ‘royal purple’ this year, in time for when the contemporary art exhibition opens its doors on 13th June.

The colour was selected to form an unexpected combination with the other elements of the cover explains Catalina Monguillot, Print Creative Manager at Art Basel. “The screen-printed letters A and Z, the hot foil of the title, as well as colour of the spine form a contrast that should surprise the beholder.”

For previous editions, Art Basel selected different colours including beige, deep black, indigo blue, Bordeaux red and almond green. Each colour was chosen to produce a custom board that was used only once for each edition of the annual publication. “The colour gives a unique identity to the book”, explains Ms Monguillot. “The books are part of a series and therefore the annual colour change creates a visual sequence that serves to distinguish each year very easily.”

The letters A & Z on the front and back covers also have a meaning. They reflect the editorial architecture of the yearbook, for example A is for Africa, B for Basel and M for Miami. The book comprises some 800 pages and takes 365 days to compile.

Art Basel publishes 20 000 copies (for which 5 tonnes of carton board is required) which are distributed at their exhibitions in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong, at selected art bookstores across Europe, the United States and Asia as well as online from various suppliers. The yearbook features interviews, essays and highlights from artists, curators, collectors, museum directors and other luminaries from the international art world.


Publisher: JRP Editions SA 

Artistic Design: Gilles Gavillet Design Studio

Image source: Art Basel