EcoLine Braun – not only a hit among customers

EcoLine is an FSC-certified paperboard made from 100% recycled fibres, available in either brown or grey. KAPAGs customers value the paper’s sustainability as well as the broad grammage range on offer (from 90gsm to 440gsm) making it suitable for both graphical and packaging applications.

“EcoLine is not only a hit among our customers”, says Alexander Meyer, managing owner of KAPAG. “We too like the environmentally friendly and aesthetic characteristics of the paper. EcoLine Brown has a very consistent colour with very few impurities which is unusual for recycled paper.”

Because of these reasons KAPAG decided to revamp its company envelopes and compliment slip using EcoLine Brown (Duo), which are printed in one colour black. The gold foil embossing is a nice contrast to the brown colour of the paper, providing an elegant touch. For their C5/6 envelope KAPAG chose a plastic free window made from pergamin paper (window not shown in the below photo).

EcoLine is an inherent part of the assortment offered by paper distributors throughout Europe, which reflects the international trend for sustainable products.