> 90% of energy needs sourced from wind, water and biomass

MUHEN, 16.01.2018 – In pursuit of its ongoing commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions, KAPAG Karton + Papier AG (KAPAG) began to derive 100% of its electricity needs from wind and hydro power generation on 1st January 2018.

“Climate protection is at the top of our list of priorities“, says Alexander Meyer, managing owner of KAPAG. “For this reason we have been part of the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) programme since 2013 which promotes the reduction of C02 emissions and energy savings on a voluntary basis.”

In addition to wind and water generated power, KAPAG derive much of its energy needs by means of biomass. The company uses old wooden pallets, which customers and business partners dispose of at KAPAG, to generate heat that is used for both production processes and facilities. The waste wood is burned for energy generation in a state-of-the art wood burner that is equipped with filter systems.

“We are proud that today our production plant and offices are almost exclusively using renewable energy”, Mr Meyer points out. The only exception is a gas reserve which the company resorts to as a backup in case of an emergency or during maintenance work of the wood burner.