Climate protection

Climate protection is at the top of our list of priorities. For this reason, we have been part of the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) programme since 2013, which promotes the reduction of C02 emissions and energy savings on a voluntary basis.

Today, we almost exclusively use renewable energy. The only exception is a gas reserve, which the company resorts to as a backup in case of an emergency or during maintenance of the wood burner. The state-of-the art wood burner is equipped with filter systems and for energy generation burns old pallets that local customers and business partners dispose of at our premises. This allows us to generate heat that is used for both production processes and our facilities, as well as save 400,000 litres of oil a year.

Our new solar plant has an area of 5,000 m2 and produces 875 kWp annually, which is equivalent to the consumption of 180 households or approx. 80% of our electricity needs.

We plan to further expand the solar power plant by means of a new building and are actively searching for storage options to fully cover our energy needs. In the meantime, together with Carbotech, KAPAG is drawing up a carbon footprint of the company so that targeted measures can be taken to further reduce C02 in other areas.