Your innovations à la carte


Our service Création provides you with the opportunity to bring your product ideas to life. We support you through the process from selecting optimal material for your idea through to technical implementation. Our customers increasingly use this service to satisfy the paradoxical expectations of their consumers, who demand sustainable packaging without compromising a desirable presentation of the product.

The KAPAG collection

The KAPAG collection offers 19 qualities and more than 1000 references that can be delivered at short notice.

Unique material combinations

Création lets you develop either a new product from scratch or expand your existing product range. For each layer of paper or board (front, middle & back) you have the option to select materials from our extensive range of reel stock or alternatively provide us with your own. Choose from between two to six layers; coloured, black, white, embossed, coated, uncoated or flocked surfaces; solid bleached, KRAFT, mechanical or recycled pulp – you have the opportunity to play a part in designing unusual creations.

Product development

Our customers not only appreciate selecting the material of their choice. They also value the chance to attend machine trials. In this way they can engage in the product development process from the outset, supported by qualified KAPAG employees who expertly operate the machines to obtain the best results.

Artistically mis-en-scene

The sketch book by Hahnemüle FineArt emerged out of the KAPAG service Création. Our customer wanted to match the colour of the cover’s middle layer with the colour of the spiral. We supported Hahnemühle Fine Art right through the process, from selecting and purchasing acid-free and age resistant papers through to the technical realisation of this brilliant product idea.