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For a better environment and society

Sustainability and certification

Our company philosophy adheres to the following values:

Environmentally protective production

As a matter of conviction KAPAG is certified FSC for sustainable forest management. Our raw materials stem from renewable resources and recyclable fibres which are purchased at a local level whenever possible. Waste generated during production is reused in the production process.

KAPAG voluntarily participates in the climate protection programme of the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) to actively reduce CO2 emissions as well as to increase energy efficiency. 90% of our energy consumption is CO2 neutral and 75% of our energy needs are provided by waste wood. We collect old wooden pallets as a source of energy in our state-of-the art wood burner, equipped with filter systems. We ensure that all of our company vehicles have the highest energy efficiency rating of A.

Top quality

At KAPAG we put great emphasis on constantly improving quality and productivity to provide you with flawless goods. Our quality management system defines each process, specifies the tasks of each individual employee and guarantees traceability of your products. At the same time we value a clean and tidy working environment.

Sustainable employment

KAPAG strives to create long-term employment opportunities for our employees. Profits are reinvested into areas such as occupational safety, education and training as well as in new machinery and projects that help to secure jobs permanently. As a result, our employees reward KAPAG’s efforts with loyalty and motivation.